Amman- 12 February 2017


On Monday , 13th of February 2017 ,  the German Jordanian University and Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company signed a new agreement in order to continue the service of providing the GJU staff and students with high quality standards of transportation. 

The agreement was signed by the President of the University, Prof Natheer Abu Obeid on behalf of the GJU, and  Mr. Saud Nuseirat, Chairman of the Comprehensive Multiple Transportation on behalf of the company.

Professor Natheer Abu Obeid , the GJU President  greeted the guests, and said it is an honor to sign a new cooperation agreement with Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company , expressing the university’s pride of this old new  partnership , and hoped  to have a continuous cooperation in future.

Abu Obeid added that this cooperation will contribute definitely to increase the number of students who would be able to use the buses, since they will be provided by high quality transportation services, and that could help GJU in enhancing the positive idea about using the public transportation among our students.

For his part Mr. Saud Nuseirat pointed out that transportation has always played an important role in developing societies, saying that the company has the honor to cooperate  with such a great model of educational institution.

He gave an overview about the company’s establishment and how it expanded over the years to provide multiple transportation services. 

At the end of the signing, a presentation has been displayed about the company’s future plans and updates by Ms. Yara Smeirat, a GJU graduate  and an employee at the company.

The meeting held in the attendance of   Mr. Hazem Neemtat , Vice Mayor of the Greater Amman Municipality, and Dr. Muayed Abu Fardeh , General Manager of the Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company.