Amman- 13 August 2018

On the 5th and 6th of August 2018, the Office of Industrial Links (OIL), at the German Jordanian University (GJU), organized a workshop on “Networking with Career Services in Germany”, in the frame of the DAAD DIES cooperation “Establishing Career Service Structures and Processes at GJU” between Aschaffenburg University of Applies Sciences and GJU.

The President of GJU, Prof. Manar Fayyad, said that the career service is one of the most important features that distinguish GJU from other universities, mentioning that GJU’s students receive trainings and workshops during their study to qualify them properly for the German Year and the job market.

She cleared that the students have to depend on themselves during the second semester of the German Year to secure an internship, therefore the Office for Industrial Links and the International Office put tremendous efforts to prepare and facilitate the students’ mission, taking into consideration the high competition they encounter when applying for their internships.

During the workshop, many aspects were discussed in order to strengthen and enhance the career service for GJU’s students, where GJU’s representatives learned more about the German higher education system and the career services in Germany such as organization and structure and main offers for students and alumni.

The discussions also covered the German labor market with a special focus on the importance of soft skills, awareness and special trainings, in addition to the usage of graduate studies to support the work of career services in terms of the transition into the professional life, opportunities used in job search and qualifications, skills and knowledge acquired during studies.

The workshop participants covered different Schools and units at GJU who are involved in preparing GJU students for their professional life, like the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities, the International Office and German Language Center, the King Abdullah Fund – Career Guidance Office at the Deanship of Student Affairs, Exchange Officers and GJU Alumni Association.

The event was moderated and facilitated by Career Service Director Rouven Sperling from TH Wildau, who also represented the Career Service Network Germany (csnd), in cooperation with Career Service Director Ernst Schulten from Aschaffenburg University of Applies Sciences and Student Relations Manager, Stefanie Luniak from Project Office Magdeburg and the team of the Office for Industrial Links


For more information, please contact:

Britta Kaehler, Director Office for Industrial Links