Amman- 13 June 2018

Since the founding of the GJU in Amman, about 85 students have already completed internships at Daimler AG. Their achievements during the internship always gave rise to extremely positive feedback from the company, which we are very pleased about.

This long-term cooperation has led to the establishment of a stable and trusting relationship between Daimler AG and GJU, which we greatly appreciate and deepen with this sponsorship.

With this sponsorship, Daimler AG supports the GJU's Office for Industrial Links (OIL) and its Career Service, as well as the intensive preparation of the students for their internship during the German Year, which is obligatory for studies at the GJU.

The benefits of this support are miscellaneous: The team at the OIL experiences an increase in their human resources, the students benefit from the improved service before and during their German Year, which makes them easier to orient on the German job market.

In general, joint GJU business partners can choose from a variety of collaboration options: attending a network meeting in Germany, collaborating on research through the Flying Faculty program and Train the Trainer are just a few examples.

The additional support in the field of Career Service of the OIL is, however, due to the increasing number of students and limited, current personnel capacities to be considered particularly important and useful.


We would like to thank Daimler AG for this sponsorship.

Read article in German here.


Internship Testimonials

Some of our students left their testimonials about their internships at Daimler in one of Daimler AG’s regular newsletters, which you can read here.