Az-Zarqā -  9 March, 2016

A delegation of the German Jordanian University (GJU) visited the house of the martyr Major Rashid Zyoud in Zarqa to offer their condolences on Wednesday the 3rd of March. President of GJU, Prof. Dr. Natheer Abu Obeid, several academic and administrative staff as well as some students of the university participated at the visit.

President of the university, Prof. Nahteer Abu Obeid, expressed his condolences, and said that it was such a pride for all Jordanians that the martyr committed to sacrifice his soul for the country and its people. “May God have mercy on the martyr Rashid Zyoud and save the nation.” he mentioned.

For his part, General Hussein Zyoud, the martyr’s father, called on young people to remain on the morality and unity in the war with terrorists and extremist groups, adopt enlightened ideology, and refuse any destructive ideas that affect the new generation and the nation.

Mohammed Ghuleilat, a student at the German Jordanian University, who attended the visit of condolence. He performed his self-written poem during the visit, dedicating it to the deceased hero and Jordan.

Some other members of the delegation also expressed their appreciation of the sacrifice made by the martyr for the sake of Jordan’s security, pride and dignity. They also emphasized their respect concerning the positive attitude of his father and his family.