Amman- 9 September 2021

The President of the German Jordanian University (GJU), Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, welcomed the Director of Education and Military Culture - Jordanian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Ali Qabalan Al-Daajah, and accompanying delegation.

Al-Halhouli praised the efforts of the Jordanian Armed Forces - the Arab Army in building and defending the homeland and providing various health, development, and social services inside and outside the country. He explained that the university is keen to support the Directorate office and facilitate their duties to provide distinguished services for students who benefit from the royal scholarships.

For his part, Al-Daajah stated the directorate's interest in the educational aspect through the directorate's schools and the Royal makroma for university students since it would raise a conscious, educated, and loyal generation to the country.

Al-Daajah affirmed the Jordanian Armed Forces' pride in the university as a national institution with a contemporary educational mission that provides in-demand study programs. In addition to the fact that its graduates have a high level of expertise, knowledge, and skills required by the labor market.

The delegation consisted of Head of Makroma Branch Major Hazem Al-Smadi and the official of the university office, Maram Adinat.