Amman- 29 January 2020

Student Alia AlBitar from the Department of Design and Visual Communication- School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) won Second Place in the Packaging Design Structural category in the competition organized by (LibanPack/ UNIDO ArabStar 2019) competing within the Arab region, the participation came during the course (Packaging Design) instructed by Arch. Rawan Majzoub.

On the same design, Alia received the WorldStar Student Certificate of Recognition from The WorldStar Student Awards competition owned and produced by the WPO (World Packaging Organization). WPO is an international packaging design competition for students from countries around the world.  The competition is open to a student who has won a legitimate local award in their region or country.

The product is based on designing concepts for frozen food, creating a package that is visible, appealing, and stands out from the rest of the grape leaves frozen packages. The product stores dry grapes in three batches rolled in three compartments within the main package.

According to consumer behavior, families of five should consume one batch of the package. Instructions on the package should help the consumer be able to calculate the right amount of ingredients for the filling of the grape leaves.

It is easy to store, easy to use and fun to make.

 Alia’s packaging design was the only design in Jordan who received a Certificate of Recognition.