Amman- December 13, 2016


Dr Raed Mesleh, an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering and the Vice Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology received the “Arabic Creativity” award in the “Scientific Creativity” field from the “Arab Thoughts Foundation” in a special ceremony held on 13 December during a special ceremony at “Fikr15” conference.

Dr Raed received the award for inventing a new MIMO wireless Communication system called “Quadrature Spatial Modulation”, which enhances the performance of existing wireless system by increasing the data rate and reducing the energy consumption and the cost.

He  stated in his talk, during the ceremony, that such occasions are very important to encourage research and inventions. He mentioned also that the award was a result of hard work that lasts for years and resulted in several inventions, where the awarded idea represents the most recent and the best scheme among many others.

He further added that the award represents a key point in his career and he has a greater responsibility now in serving his country and spreading the creativity and invention philosophy among his students and colleagues.