Amman- 10 March 2019


By reaching to the Selection phase, The Logistics Sciences department at the School of Management and Logistics Sciences starts receiving application forms from interested students.

Motivated first-year Students, with GPA equal to %60 or higher, are welcome to apply.

Afterward, the submitted forms will be going through the screening process, and finally, the Logistics Sciences department will approve eligible applicants to proceed to the next step, that will be announced to you soon!

Interested Students can download the  “Dual Study Track Application Form”,  fill it clearly and correctly then, to scan it and then, to send it to the Dual Study & Industry Officer on this e-mail:  Or to submit it by hand at office room 420, at Building B, 4th floor during March 5, 2019, up to March 14, 2019.


Wish you all the best,