Amman-9 October 2017


Edu-Syria 3rd cohort scholarships students’ selection funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund 'Madad'

On Thursday 5 October 2017, the Edu-Syria program managed by the German Jordanian University and funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund, the 'Madad' Fund, ran the last stage of granting Edu-Syria scholarships to Syrian refugee students for several bachelor programs at Zarqa University.

The total number of applicants was 1100 who competed on 130 scholarships. The applicants were shortlisted to around 180 where the priority was given to Syrian refugees who completed their secondary school in Jordan this year (2017).

The shortlist of the candidates was double checked with UNHCR regarding their refugee status, vulnerability and whether they are benefiting from the UNHCR DAFI managed scholarships program or not. Today, the last stage of granting Edu-Syria scholarships namely the 130 candidates were interviewed. The main purpose of the interview to assert their capability to pursue the university study and seriousness in gaining the scholarship.  It worth mentioning that a UNHCR representative observed the interview process.

Edu-Syria project manager Dr. Dhiah Abou-Tair addressed the candidates and stressed the EU interest to provide this year (2017) high secondary school graduates regarding their future.  He also added that Edu-Syria project provides Syrian and Jordanian students with a distinguished opportunity to complete their education in different thematic fields. Equipped with new skills, degrees and diplomas, they will be able to help build and develop their countries in the future.

About the EU Regional Trust Fund, the 'Madad' Fund:

Since its establishment in December 2014, an increasing share of the EU’s non-humanitarian aid for Syria’s neighbouring countries is provided through the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis, the 'Madad' Fund. The Trust Fund brings a more coherent and integrated EU aid response to the crisis and primarily addresses longer term economic, educational, protection and social needs of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, and supports overstretched host communities and their administrations. Today the EU Regional Trust Fund is also one of the key instruments through which the new EU partnership priorities with Jordan and Lebanon will be implemented.

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