Amman- 15 May 2019

On Monday, May 13, 2019, the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities (SBSH) hosted the founder of the young Jordanian enterprise Mind Rockets, Mr. Mahmoud Darawsheh, to talk about his success story to the students of the Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise course, led by Dr. Dorothea Jecht.

Mind Rockets develops assistive technological solutions for the deaf & hard of hearing worldwide where Avatars deliver instant translation from text & speech to sign language to help the engagement and independence of the deaf community.

Darawsheh spoke about his journey and his passion for the deaf community that began since high school in 2008. He introduced the company and products, presenting testimonials on the effect of these products on the community.

Mind Rockets provides several main products in seven languages through Sign Language Web Interpreter, Facebook Page Interpreter, Twitter Page Interpreter, Mobile Apps, and customized solutions.

“Over 80% of the deaf community cannot read or write beyond a very basic level, making websites and social content inaccessible for them" stated Darawsheh. He added that these products assist in educating, informing, browsing the internet and communicate with others.

Mahmoud believes that the best way to succeed is to help people; he also directed the students to avoid assumptions and to ask people and potential customers directly, concluding that thinking of the effect you leave in people’s lives will grant you rewards. 

In the end, the students engaged in a discussion with the young entrepreneur by sharing their own ideas for social ventures they have been working on during the course.