Amman- 2 November 2020

Mr. Marko George, the owner of Elektrotechnik Marko George from Gelsenkirchen, wrote a letter to the German Jordanian University (GJU) to share his positive experience with three GJU students whom he hired at his company for their internship during their German Year.

Check out the letter below


"My experiences are positive throughout. Mr. Mohammed Dar Mousa is an above-average student. He has very good comprehension skills, is very friendly and reliable.

Due to his ambition and his curiosity to learn new things, he has become an enrichment for the company in the fields of control engineering, automation technology, and switchgear construction.

Due to Corona, he could not return to Jordan and is still employed in my company. Due to extremely many orders, I am currently glad to have him here.

Even companies like mine suffer from a shortage of skilled workers and junior staff. Unfortunately, young people from our regions are often spoiled and have ideas that surprise me.

With Mr. Dar Mousa, I have the 3rd Jordanian student and I have to say that I made exactly the right decision to employ students for their internship.

I have extended his contract until the end of 2020. He already asked me, if he can stay in Germany 2021 and get a permanent job with me.

If the business situation does not change, I am looking forward to hiring him as a valuable employee.

With Mr. Anas Al Atrash, I had the first student from Jordan, but through the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen. He will start at the end of the year as a mechatronics engineer to relieve me of my tasks.


Mr. Ali Alshawbkeh was the 2nd Jordanian student. My experience with him was also absolutely positive, we had contact via Facebook only a short time ago.

As a master electrical engineer, I made it my business to do my best to counteract the lack of skilled workers in our country. Here I simply see the task of the master craftsmen.


To this day I can say that the friendliness, reliability, ambition, but also the ability to criticize, Jordanian students surprise me. Many German students should take an example from this.


I also find it exciting to get to know people of other nationalities and to work with them, since attitudes and cultures are quite different.

The highlight for me so far was a letter of thanks from the Jordanian embassy. This made me very proud and encouraged me to continue.

The vocational college in Gelsenkirchen organizes an annual trainee exchange with France, where I have also employed French trainees twice. "Very exciting".


I am very pleased that you are offering me a partnership and I am happy to be available for the summer.


Kind regards

Electrical engineering Marko George

Marko George




 We are so proud of our GJU’ers. Keep up the good work!