Amman- 13 March, 2017

His Excellency Christian Schmidt, German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture paid a visit to the German Jordanian University on Tuesday, 13th of March , 2017 .

H.E Schmidt has been well received by the GJU President Professor Natheer Abu Obeid, the GJU Vice President Professor Manar Fayyad, GJU Vice President for International Affairs Professor Dorit Schumann, students and staff members.

Professor Abu Obeid gave the minister a brief overview about the university, saying that GJU is a result of the successful friendship between Germany and Jordan, considering it as a lighthouse that is representing a bright model of an educational Institution.

He also stressed the importance of German fourth year for students and its positive impact not only on students but also on their families, friends and the society around.

He further spoke about how our team at GJU is working in harmony with the GJU office in Magdeburg. Finally He added that the university created a slogan for the past ten years “ Education for Employment “ and after that , the university established a program for entrepreneurship and innovation which  led GJU to create another slogan “Education for Employment and Entrepreneurship”. 

The minister expressed his utmost delight to visit such an institution that is considered one of the most powerful and successful partnerships between Jordan and Germany, speaking about the importance of German Jordanian relations, how both countries influenced each other through the distinguished applied education and cultural exchanges that enrich and strengthen bilateral relations.

In his speech, Minister also touched upon the concept of the German Applied Sciences and the importance of linking the theoretical part with the practical one and engaging students in the training field . He also encouraged  the students to employ their scientific researches to solve the challenging issues that the world is facing like the global warming, drought and Hunger.

Lastly, he met with GJU students and exchange students from Germany who on their side gave their perspective on studying and shared their personal experience.  

At the end of the visit , the minister accompanied by H. E. Birgitta Maria Siefker-Eberle - German Ambassador to Amman –Jordan  and the representative guests , visited the bio-gas lab in building G , where they were all introduced to the project of establishing the bio-gas lab by Dr. Christina Class and that the project aims to promote the production of bio-gas in Jordan, producing energy from organic waste, and proposing a hybrid biogas design aligned to Jordan.


See the video speeches of :

His Excellency Christian Schmidt

Professor Natheer Abu Obeid