Amman- 16 June 2020


The German Jordanian University (GJU) announced that it has collaborated with Red Hat to create the GJU Red Hat Academy. Red Hat Academy is an open-source, web-deployed and web-managed education program that is designed to provide turnkey curriculum materials to academic institutions to start and sustain an open-source and Linux curriculum program. 

“Strengthening our curriculum with a world-class academy program supported directly by Red Hat will bring many benefits to our students. We are really excited about integrating the material into our curriculum,” said Omar Hiari, chair, Computer Engineering Department, German Jordanian University.

Hiari added, “We hope that with this new collaboration with Red Hat, the students will acquire in-demand job skills that will expand their opportunities in their mandatory work and study German year, and also beyond graduation.”

“We’re pleased to have the German Jordanian University join us in this growing Red Hat Academy Program,” said Ken Goetz, vice president, Global Training and Certification, Red Hat. “To help students learn about Red Hat technologies and solutions and establish in-demand open source skills, we work closely with a variety of educational institutions. We look forward to continued collaboration with the German Jordanian University as an important member of Red Hat’s training and certification ecosystem.”   

GJU offers distinguished undergraduate programs that adopt an applied science model. As part of their time at GJU, all students are required to spend an exchange year in Germany. The exchange year is spent in part at a partner university studying courses and the other part working at a company as an intern in an area related to the students’ field of study. 

In particular, the Computer Engineering department students are expected to develop a basic understanding that is built on a foundation of physical science, mathematics, computing, and the latest technology trends. Graduates of the Computer Engineering program also possess knowledge in computer engineering fundamentals and a specialty area of their choice. 

Students are expected to have experimental, design, and communication skills that prepare them for either an entry-level position in a professional environment or graduate studies.

On the other hand, Red Hat Academy turns academic institutions into centers for enterprise-ready talent by outfitting them with Red Hat training. For more than a decade, Red Hat Academy has supplied high schools and institutions of higher education worldwide that have the required technology and support environments, with hands-on instruction, curriculum, labs, performance-based testing, and instructor support. 

Red Hat Academy’s web-based curriculum helps create competencies through hands-on, performance-based learning and testing.                        



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