Amman- January 10, 2017


On the 10th of January 2017, a delegation of the GIZ (“Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit”, i.e. German Development Corporation) visited the German Jordanian University (GJU) for the entire day.

Aim of the visit was to inquire about possible ways to support different educational providers who cooperate with industry for the sake of creating more and better employment opportunities and thus to support the Jordanian economy. In this context, the Dual Studies project of GJU plays an important role for GIZ. The members of the delegation made it clear that this innovative approach, which is unique in Jordan, is regarded an effective tool, and that they will consider to make assistance available to realize this project.

The delegation engaged in discussions with GJU’s President and both Vice Presidents, with the Deans and selected staff from the School of Management and Logistic Sciences (SMLS) and the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology​ (SEEIT), the Head of the Industrial Relations Committee (IRC), GJU students who already conducted their German Year, and with members of the Office for Industrial Links.

Through the introduction of Dual Study programs, the academic content of a number of GJU’s Bachelor programs shall be linked closer with the realities of the labor market, by integrating practical training phases in selected partner companies. Students would thus have the opportunity to apply from the very beginning what they learn during the academic courses, and this continuously over the entire duration of the study program.

The members of the delegation were captivated by the growth of the campus and the short time in which GJU managed to become a very important player in the Jordanian Higher Education landscape. They called GJU and it's mission to “provide education for entrepreneurship and employment” a unique university in Jordan and were very impressed by the motivation and dedication of both students and staff of GJU.