Amman-22 June 2017

On the occasion of World Refugee Day on June 20th 2017, the Social Work students at the German Jordanian University celebrated with a group of children from “Makani” at Johud.  

The students conducted different activities with the children by making wall papers where the children had the chance to express themselves and to write their rights, needs and wishes for a better life signed by them.

On a second wall the children made the social worker of Johud sign their support and commitment for the rights and need which advocates the rights of refugee children.

The day ended with a health awareness activity for correct hand washing in collaboration with Jordan Red Crescent and with the innovation labs. Moreover, a music band highlighted the rights of youth through songs and a musical performance.

Last but not least, the children made thank you cards, where they expressed their gratitude to everyone who supported, helped, and accepted them as refugees. The cards were put on the UNCHR logo wall.

On the next day June 21, the students in cooperation with Johud prepared an Iftar event, which included activities for the children.

Another group of the social work students also prepared an Iftar for refugees’ children from the Talbyah Camp in cooperation with the International Families. The Iftar included various activities like painting, singing, playing with Lego, and at the end gifts were giving to the children.