Amman- 12 April 2018

On Monday 10th of April 2018, under the patronage of the President of German Jordanian University (GJU), Prof. Manar Fayyad. The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) at GJU inaugurated the university’s national celebrations under the theme "Al Karama Week".

Fayyad said, “We recall today the great events that made the history of our Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”. “Today, we commemorate the anniversary of 21st of March, the day in which the heroes of the Jordanian Arab Army achieved a great victory over the Israeli army”.

She added, “We are anticipating the days to reach Independence Day which is not just a written document or a sovereign decision but a stand of dignity and freedom from dependency”.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Raed Al-Khasawneh said,” We are proud today to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Al-Karama, wherein the Jordanian Arab Army took a big victory, defeated the enemy and destroyed the myth of the enemy’s army”.

Adding that the national unity was present on the land of dignity led by the late King Hussein Bin Talal.

The celebrations included musical and poetry poems performed by GJU’s students, martial arts and musical shows presented by Aldarak.

The celebrations that lasted for a week consisted of awareness lectures and exhibitions about drugs provided by Public Security Directorate- Anti Drugs Department, “Al-Karama Battel’s Events” by Jordan Armed Forces- Directorate of Morale Guidance, in addition to blood donation in cooperation with the Blood Bank and local community’s bazaars.