Amman- 19 January 2017


On behalf the Minister of Public Works and Housing HE Sami Halaseh, the Ministry Secretary General Ammar Gharaibeh participated in the German Jordanian University’s celebrations of the National Tree Day along with GJU President Prof. Natheer Abu Obeid, a number of GJU staff as well as students.  

This event aims to plant trees, reconnect with nature and do something positive for the local environment.   

Eng. Gharaibeh stressed the importance of having more green spaces and increasing tree planting in the kingdom that help in improving the urban environment,  and to combat climate change and the global warming causes.

Additionally, he praised the university’s annual initiative of planting the campus and providing the students and the local community with a green and healthy environment.

Professor Abu Obeid emphasized that GJU is keen to celebrate this day as it is a fulfilling opportunity to do something good for the environment and benefit from positive health and well-being outcomes. He further added that the university has a department and program in Water and Environmental Engineering where the outstanding students are qualified enough to  serve their local environment.