On 16th of July 2017, GJU celebrated the opening of the second summer club for the local community in Naour area, organized by The Presidency Office for local community Affairs, with the cooperation of Kolona AlOrdon Association, and the participation of volunteers from GJU’s students and teachers from local community.

Advisor to the President for Local Community Abdul Hakeem Arabiyyat thanked General Services Department, his team at the Local Community Office and volunteers for their tremendous efforts to accomplish this work.

He clarified that this initiative comes from the university’s vision toward servicing the local community, especially the children to spread knowledge and education in creative ways.

He added that the aim of the summer club is to increase loyalty, belonging and love to their country, community and GJU, by implanting good memories about their childhood, and provide them with new skills and culture by engaging them with GJU students, the university’s environment and facilities.

The club includes 100 students where they’ll attend remedial classes in Math, English and Arabic, besides teaching Qur’an, with a focus on teaching through playing using tactile tools such as balloons, sticks, pencils, boards and colored letters.


They will also take drawing and drama classes, play doh, watch interactive documentary movies, in addition to a scheduled field trip every week to different sites in Jordan.

 It’s worth noting that GJU will secure transportation for the purposes of attending the classes and going to the field trips.