Amman- 3 July 2019

JOINOLOG is taking shape

2nd BMBF-project JOINOLOG workshop in Amman was used to derive important design parameters

For the second time this year, the growing project consortium of JOINOLOG (Jordan Innovation Centre for Logistics) met in Jordan’s capital, Amman. In the facilities of the German Jordanian University in the King Hussein Business Park, representatives of multiple organizations and political actors came together to advance the project’s applicability. They participated in active discussions about logistics and innovation in Jordan, resulting in a SWOT analysis of the local research landscape.

In a shared World Café approach, the experienced logistical stakeholders discussed the possible implementation of the project and its requirements within Jordan. Additionally, the participants identified important design parameters for the implementation of JOINOLOG. These allow for creating a reliable and realistic concept for the Innovation Centre for Logistics in Jordan.

JOINOLOG’s goal is the implementation of a collaborative centre for logistics, in which different stakeholders of the Jordanian logistical landscape are concentrated on in order to improve cooperation, innovation, as well as, research of related topics in the Kingdom. During the workshop, many new connections in an already growing support network were formed.

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