The School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL) in cooperation with GJU's Consultation and Training Center (CTC) graduated its 8th batch of the Professional Training Certificate in Social Work: Refugees and Migrants, which has been established since 2016 and has graduated more than 190 students until now.
The programme gained international recognition and is well known for its unique diversity of students that expands students' perspectives and horizons. This semester the programme consisted of national and international students from Jordan, Syrian and Germany. Moreover, the programme had a number of scholarships for Jordanian and Syrian students offered by GIZ "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit", wwhich is a service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development and international education. 
The graduation ceremony could take place and was replaced by a virtual meeting with the students attended by Prof. Dr. Ralf Rosskopf, Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Salah Alsalman, Dean of SAHL, Prof. Dr. Christine Hildebrandt, Head of Social Work Department and the Dr. Omar Shubailat, Director of the CTC along with the academic and administrative staff of the programme. 
Prof. Rosskopf praised on the commitment and efforts of the academic staff and students with all the challenges they have faced during the semester, since the programme had to shift to fast and direct remote learning. On the other hand, Prof. Hildebrandt acknowledged the enormous efforts by keeping the characteristics of the programme despite of all challenges where a number of guest speakers attend the lectures virtually and provided the students with factual experience and case studies. At the end of the graduation, the student Akram Alomoush presented a word on behalf of the students, where he expressed the students' gratitude on this fruitful experience and acquired knowledge. 
This programme is offered twice a year along with each academic year. The training certificate aims at providing practical knowledge in a limited and manageable period of time. The certificate is tailored to target not only social work practitioners, but also professionals from other disciplines as well as new graduates. The courses provide a comprehensive understanding of human needs of displaced persons needs and their perspectives shape the program to better equip professionals who work with them.