Amman- 8 July 2021

As part of the ongoing celebrations of the centenary of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the German Jordanian University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, will hold an international conference entitled “Culture and Arts in Jordan over a Hundred Years” from the 14th-16th  of December 2021.

The President of GJU, Prof. Manar Fayyad, indicated that it is essential to maximize our achievements in various cultural and artistic fields as part of our civilizations and cultural heritage.


She clarified that the conference aims to serve as a scientific record for what developments may come after this cultural and artistic movement in Jordan in all literary, visual, and societal aspects that will preserve the rich cultural and artistic outcomes and developments resulting from this movement. Furthermore, the movement will welcome a future for culture and art in the Kingdom by outlining its settings.


From his side, Head of the Organizing Committee, Dr. Mohammad Yaghan,  explained that the Conference themes include Creative Literature and Art, Materialistic and Spiritual Heritage, General culture, Cultural exchange with other countries, and the German Jordanian experience in addition to secondary themes include creative Literature: Novel, short story, poetry, and literary criticism and Creative Art: Recreational arts, music, theater, drama, digital arts, also it covers Spiritual Heritage, Materialistic Heritage, and General Culture.

Yaghan indicated that the scientific committee has started receiving the applications until August 2, 2021. He pointed out that the conference will be in three languages, Arabic, English, and German, adding that the contributions and scientific papers will be published in an allocated book for the occasion.

To apply and for more details, follow this link.