Amman 28 April 2022

The Vision Rehabilitation Center (VRC) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) held a workshop entitled “Introduction to Visual Rehabilitation”. The workshop offered for students from Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood at Hashemite University.

The workshop marked to be interactive and practical. Simulation glasses were used while doing some activities, this is important for the student to have the needed empathy, and to better understand the negative influence of vision impairment on daily life and functioning.

The rehabilitation services and its effect on improving quality of life for persons with vision impairment were presented, including the comprehensive assessment of visual functions, assistive and magnifying devices, and training on using the devices and visual skills. Followed by detailed explanation of the importance of environmental modifications, training on activities of daily living and orientation & mobility skills.

Hands on activities were applied, the students tried out different magnifying and assistive devices to understand its importance in improving the functioning of people with visual challenges, and therefore its impact in increasing their independence and participation in the community.

This workshop comes to emphasize on the GJU’s role in serving community and raising awareness among community members. This will help in creating more integrated and inclusive community where persons with vision impairment can feel fully accepted and welcomed.