Amman- 5 October 2015


The German Jordanian university hosted on Monday 5th of October, 2015 a workshop organized by “Parliamentary Initiative Committee”, in order to discuss  certain measures that have taken by the Ministry of Higher Education within the Implementation Plan of the National Strategy of Higher Education , as part of the ongoing reform envisaged under the National Strategy. 


Prof. Natheer Abu. Obeid, GJU President inaugurated the workshop in attendance of some deputies and Jordanian universities’ presidents. He welcomed the guests and hoped to come out with tangible results and recommendations for the advancement of the higher education sector.


The coordinator of the initiative, MP Dr. Mustafa Hamarneh emphasized that this workshop aims at transferring certain policies in order to make a radical reform in higher education that is considered a key aspect in the economic and social development.


Dr. Hani Al Dmour, General Secretary of Higher Education and Scientific Research, pointed out to the necessary of finding out possible solutions to the indebtedness of the public universities, and to strengthen the governmental support of technical education programs.  



President of Higher Education Accreditation Commission, Dr. Bashir Al Zu’bi added that the universities suffer from imbalances in student ratios beyond absorptive capacity, stressing on the importance of focusing on the educational outcomes within the local and regional labor market.



At the end of the workshop a panel discussion was held about the official government funding for universities, the admission criteria, and the appointment mechanism of  academic and administrative staff, in addition to specifying 5 main items concerning the universities according to their priorities.