Amman- 17 December 2017

On Friday 15th of December 2017, The Deanship of Students Affairs (DSA) organized the 4th annual conference “Model United Nations” (MUN) at German Jordanian University (GJU) that aims to provide a platform to young people to become a competent element in resolving international challenges and conflicts.

President of GJU, Prof. Manar Fayyad expressed the university's pride in organizing the conference with the participation of a number of public universities and public and private schools.

Fayyad said that Jordanian youth is always a source of pride for the Hashemite leadership for their dedication and leadership role in creating a better future for their country and for generations to come.

She added that the conference which simulates the UN method is a bright model for educating young people about the art of dialogue, negotiation, constructive criticism and conflict resolution to be the voice that carries and defends the concerns of the nation in light of challenges such as terrorism, environment challenges, poverty and unemployment.

GJU Student Jumana Mals, cleared that the participants will discuss a number of issues including the US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, globalization, the integration of minorities, the impact of Britain's exit from the European Union, personal freedom ,evaluation of countries seeking independence, disarmament and international security, Nuclear threats and the prevention and treatment of the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in the Middle East, as well the League of the Arab States role in achieving stability in the region.

It’s worthy to mention that MUN is a realistic simulation of the UN and its affiliated specialized agencies and non-governmental organizations where students gather to discuss and solve some of today’s most pressing issues. Students are challenged to learn, understand and discuss difficult issues from a non- western perspective.