Amman- 8 October 2018

Commenting on Merkel's visit to the German Jordanian University (GJU) last June, here is what a German newspaper “DER SPIEGEL “, has to say in this regard.

There are moments, where Merkel is admired like a saint “Frau Dr. Chancellor, a warm welcome to Jordan« says Manar Fayyad , the president of GJU, when Chancellor Merkel visited GJU in mid of June.

Fayyad is a woman of Merkel’s favor, a natural scientist in a plain trouser suit with a placid nature. Merkel lets her gaze wander across the lecture hall audience full of students.

Dr. Manar engaged a moderator but Merkel likes to take matters into her own hands and often addresses students directly.

The girl with the dark hair? Merkel nods with consent as a female student of Mechatronics tells about her study and her passion for IT and data processing. In Germany, still a little number of female students enroll for Engineering and IT studies so Merkel expresses her appreciation for the young girl’s ambition.

The published print edition of DER SPIEGEL No. 40 / 29.09.2018.