Amman- 13 August 2018

On Tuesday 31st of July 2018, the Public Relations & Marketing Department, and Deanship of Students Affairs at the German Jordanian University (GJU), organized an “Open Day” for students in Tawjjihi or equivalent along with parents, at the main campus in Madaba.

The Open Day aims to gather all GJU’s schools, related departments and offices to introduce the university’s specialties, facilities and scholarships. Students and parents met with academics and staff where they were educated about the distinguished attributes of GJU, especially the applied model of teaching, the German Year, and the industrial relations locally and internationally.

Director of the Admission and Registration Department, Dr. Ahmad Barghash announced that the university is currently receiving applications of the students who have passed the Tawjihi exams (General Secondary School Certificate) or its equivalent, mentioning that students who desire to study Architecture, Design and Visual Communication, must sit for an admission test. 

It is worthy to mention that GJU held a second Open Day on the 9th of August at the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) in Jabal Amman.