Amman- 13 October 2020

Dear GJU Students,

Happy new beginnings! I warmly greet and salute you all! Today, I would like to celebrate your new start and welcome you as our new university students in this new Academic Year. Hello dear new members in our GJU family. You have made a great decision for your future. On this occasion, I really wish you all the best and hope you all succeed in your studies.​​

The beginning of the university is one of the most important transformations in your life. Over the coming years, you will learn a lot. You will refine your abilities to think critically and express your ideas comfortably. You will learn how to frame a good argument, and how to listen to and appreciate the intellectual views held by others.

GJU is a distinguished university, characterized by the graduation of outstanding individuals marked with ability and conviction. Our University prepares its students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in every aspect in their lives right after graduation. This is done in a remarkable educational environment that encourages them to refine the values ​​that will shape their lifelong contributions to the world.

I am pleased to address you and promise you that all efforts will be made by GJU staff and myself to sustain the great reputation and achievements that have been built over the years. We usually present our university as a lighthouse that works as a German machine. GJU is applying two pronged strategic approaches; first putting knowledge into practice as modeled on the German universities of applied sciences and second by promoting German knowledge transfer.

Education is the process by which universities and other institutions transmit the unique cultural heritage, accumulated knowledge, values and skills from one generation to another. When cultures mix and different institution collaborate, the outcome is overwhelming. This results in the coexistence of representative symbols of different cultures and systems in the same space at the same time. It reflects positively on advancing education, communication, transportation, and technology. This is the outstanding and unique experience we have and implement at the German Jordanian University.

As part of GJU’s effort to pursue and achieve its goals and fulfill its mission, GJU has succeeded in creating fruitful partnerships with the Jordanian Higher Education institutions and universities. In addition to the collaborations with the industrial sector to enhance our students' opportunities in the local and international markets.

On the other hand, GJU has partnerships with more than 120 German universities and with hundreds of contacts with German companies.  Another major achievement by the GJU is working closely and effectively with German institutions such as the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, DAAD, GIZ and the German embassy to establish the distinguished partnership that we are currently enjoying.  We will work to further develop and take all necessary steps to sustain this cooperation with our German friends and partners.

GJU has more than 4500 students, with more than 400 of them as postgraduate students. These students are enrolled in 18 undergraduate programs and 11 postgraduate programs.  Some of these programs are in collaboration with German universities.

It takes future leaders to help us overcome our many regional obstacles. I hope that this institution will truly participate in qualifying you as leaders who are able to reshape the future. We count on you to develop our society, and hope that you would enable us to bridge the gaps between the way we think and that of the developed world. In this context, the German Jordanian University is proud to consider itself a gate of hope towards a better future. Without any doubt, you are our aspiration for a better tomorrow!

So, keep thinking about tomorrow!


Prof. Manar Fayyad