Amman- 9 September 2020

Dr. Walid Al-Zyoud Vice-Dean, Head of Biomedical Engineering Department- the School of Medical Applied Sciences (SAMS) at the German Jordanian University (GJU), has published a scientific research article indexed in SCOPUS Q1 titled “miRNA target prediction might explain the reduced transmission of SARSCoV-2 in Jordan, Middle East” in Non-coding RNA Research, Pages 135-143, in September 2020.

The findings of the article concluded that 80% of positive COVID-19 patients in Jordan might show no symptoms due to an alternative mechanism of immunity which include the presence of small RNA molecules in the human cells which can bind and inhibit the gene of corona virus. This means that the genetic materials are inside the human cells but with no viral fitness.

Dr. Al-Zyoud and the Co-author Mr. Hazem Haddad from JUST recommended adhering to safety and prevention standards and procedures such as social distancing, wearing masks, gloves, and personal hygiene.

They also recommended depending on reliable information about the Corona Virus such as official governmental sources, the Ministry of Health, and the National Epidemiology Committee.


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Congratulations, Dr. Walid! We wish you more progress and success.