Amman- 10 March 2021

The German Jordanian University (GJU) has published the first edition of a book on heritage sites in Jordan, a geographical dictionary, by the German researcher Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber and Architect Ammar Khammash. Graduate students of Architectural Conservation in the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) at GJU and a group of specialists in this field also participated in the book preparation.


The book presents approximately 450 of religious sites characters from the time of the Rashidun caliphs to the decline of the Ottoman Empire (early seventh to the early twentieth century AD.

The researchers pointed out that the book sheds light on a small part of Jordan's rich historical Islamic heritage that includes only religious monuments and contains alphabetically arranged images of mosques and graves of companions or saints, local sheiks, and other Islamic historical monuments in Jordan.

The researchers explained that the study of these little known Islamic monuments fascinated the students within the framework of courses of the academic year 2017-2020.

They pointed out that the book was printed with the support of the German Foreign Ministry. It aims to add a distinct story to the colorful mosaic of cultural heritage in Jordan, and this heritage belongs to everybody and must be preserved.