Amman- 22 June 2022

The German Jordanian University (GJU) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with International Medical Research Center /Swiss Health Care (SHC) to develop research, training and academic cooperation.

The MoU, which was signed by the President of GJU, Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, and the General Director of SHC, Dr. Mahdi Al Naimat stated to Carry out collaborative research projects and publications, joint grant and patent applications, exchange of researchers and other academic staff for the purpose of exchanging expertise, co-organize symposia, seminars and conferences, and exchange of information, academic materials and laboratory facilities.

Dr. Al-Halhouli indicated that the university had developed a new program in health informatics at the School of Applied Medical Sciences (SAMS), mentioning the university's plan to launch a master's program soon in the same field to prepare a generation that keeps pace with the changes, development, and needs of society.  Dr. Al-Halhouli emphasized the need to focus on research and support the community with projects that provide innovative solutions to the country and the world.

For his part, Dr. Al-Nuaimat valued the university's orientation, stressing the importance of identifying problems and developing research that provides solutions to human problems that are reflected on the whole world and support the economy.

At the end of the meeting, which was attended by the Dean of the SAMS, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Tarawneh, Dr. Ahmed Barghash, a faculty member at the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEIT), and the Director of the International Medical Research Center of the company, Dr. Hamza Haniyeh, the delegation toured the campus.