Amman- 29 July 2019

After successfully launching a Dual Studies Track in the Logistic Sciences Department, the German Jordanian University (GJU) started a pilot for a new Dual Studies Program in Computer Sciences, which is supposed to be fully running by next year.

Four first-year students are currently in a practical training phase. This phase should equip them with first a hands-on experience within their study field already during their university education.

Two private sector companies are collaborating with the University to introduce the program: Umniah and Intrasoft Jordan.

The target of Dual Studies Track is to enrich the predominantly theoretical academic education on campus with extended practical application and training phases in participating companies. The Dual Study tracks shall provide the Jordanian labor market with well-educated graduates prepared to add real value to the companies from their first day of employment.

“We are closely monitoring the process and aiming to learn from this experience so that we will be able to set up a well-organized program with more students, next year,” explains Dr. Stefan Braun, Dual Studies Coordinator at the German Jordanian University.

Diana Saidi, Talent Acquisition Manager at Umniah, describes why the private sector is interested in such kind of programs: “Umniah, being a youth brand itself is always eager to collaborate with esteemed universities to take onboard interns and assist them with their career developments by providing them with opportunities for real work experience, where they can develop their professional skills and competencies.”

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