Amman- 30 May 2019

Student of the German Jordanian University (GJU) Mai Saadeh from the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEIT) has received an internship opportunity at AIRBUS in France. In the following article, Mai speaks about her experience.

AIRBUS-Toulouse Internship

Mai Saadeh

I have heard about the application for the Airbus five months internship in Toulouse, the home of Airbus headquarters, through The German Jordanian University’s Office for Industrial Links. I was one of the students nominated by Dr. Ala Khalifeh, the head of telecommunication engineering department, to apply for this program which is sponsored by the Crown Prince Foundation.

The process of application required certain eligibility criteria such as the student’s GPA and graduation project. The process also included a set of interviews to which the students were selected.

Ever since visiting Hamburg’s Final Assembly Line when in Germany, I have gained huge interest in the Company. With Airbus being the leading European Aviation enterprise providing its services globally, I was looking forward for this extremely profound experience and for the waiting professional and personal improvements I am definite to gain through it.

I have been selected to be a part of the EVYPE department of ground and flight Integration electrical systems tests. The tasks and deliverables were clear from the very beginning, though I have also asked to work on extra projects which allowed me to meet more employees from different teams and departments which in turn enabled me to acquire and learn from the various skills of each team. For the time being I am still progressing on different projects involving Remote Test bench Control, power coupling and Node controllers.

This five months internship has been a prodigious experience so far .With only two months ahead it is almost time to leave yet I wish it could last longer. There is a huge scope of never ending things to apprehend from all the expertise in Airbus and time flies by so fast unfortunately!