Amman- 23 June 2021

The German Jordanian University’s (GJU) students: Jana Alhudhud, 3rd year- Industrial Engineering, Nadine Qadourah, 3rd year- Pharmaceutical Engineering, Haya Hammad, 3rd year- Industrial Engineering, and Naeem Jaara, 4th year in Mechatronics Engineering, are aiming to develop a platform called Eflah to build a global network of agricultural lands between the landowners, investors, and farmers through their website.

Eflah are currently enrolled in INJAZ’s incubator (mySTARTUP) that aims to support promising entrepreneurs who are keen to pursue entrepreneurship and to launch their businesses and social enterprises.

Eflah is an Arabic word with a double meaning: to Farm and, more importantly, to Succeed. It is the first social enterprise of its kind in Jordan that offers the opportunity for investors and individuals to invest in lands and reap the rewards of its produce. Eflah is for the people by the people where landowners upload their lands onto our platform and link them with investors.

It is worth mentioning that Eflah team participated in the Hult Prize competition 2021. The challenge for this year is Food for Good, where the winning team receives a Million Dollar worth of prize. Eflah team won first place on both the on-campus competition at GJU, and the Amman regionals summit. Currently team Eflah is nominated to travel to the Hult Prize castle accelerator that begins on the 8th of August.