Amman- 27 July 2019

Within the EGREEN project, Erasmus+ program, four training workshops at European Institutes are offered for GJU students in TUHH/ Germany, Hoexter/ Germany, UIBK/ Austria, UCP/ Portugal.

GJU students participated in the training sessions and are expected to transfer knowledge to their home institutions by participating and supporting at dedicated workshops. The training workshops are targeting students from the undergraduate level.

The project aims to ensure that the universities in Jordan and Syria can offer a high-quality education compatible with European standards and meets the market needs of the emerging knowledge-based society by modernizing their ‘environment’ curricula, developing and implementing a sustainable bachelor degree program.

Also, EGREEN aims to introduce the concept of climate change in order to graduate professional leaders who can meet market needs of the country as well as it will Develop and integrate a bachelor degree program with an appropriate laboratory component in environment jointly taught by universities in Jordan and Syria.