Amman- 24 January 2021

The School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) students at the German Jordanian University’s (GJU), Lin Hussein, and Zaid Al Qarra have won first place in Alia specialized industries competition for an Olive Oil Mill Design. 

Alia Specialized industries have been an olive oil producer since 2001, and is planning on setting up a new production facility. 

Prof. Ziyad Haddad and Dr. Maram Tawil at the faculty of Architecture and Built Environment/ GJU along with Alia specialized industries had promoted an architectural competition among young architects – for both graduates and under-graduate students. 

The Competition, which was coordinated and guided by the Head of Architecture and Interior Architecture Department Dr. Farah Al-Atrash successfully, presented a unique opportunity to investigate and utilize architectural design techniques and building materials from different perspectives exposing participants to real-life projects, with the assistance of our GJU instructors in developing fulfilled results. 

Participants competed and were evaluated by diverse juries of experts at SABE (Prof. Ziyad Haddad, Dr. Maram Tawil, Dr. Farah AlAtrash, Arch. Bisher Zuraikat, Arch. Mohammad Khalid and Arch. Tala Mukheimer). 


It is worth mentioning that both winners (Lin and Zaid) were very comparative and therefore the jurors took the decision to give both of them the first rank and divided the sum of first prize and second prize on both participants.