Amman- 9 July 2018

The German Jordanian University (GJU) students from the Department of Design and Visual Communication- School of Architecture and the Built Environment (SABE) won the jury prize for the "Best Fiction Short Film" of the 12th Jordanian short film competition the Falcon Awards 2018 in the Franco Arab Film Festival.

The winning film Laith, which was directed by Aysha Shaltough, Yasmeen Nowar and Noor Hanania, deals with a child struggle with shyness.

Industrial Professor, Yahya Alabdallah, said that after several years of continuous training and working on the skills of filmmaking at the department, the students’ productions has become more mature and closer to social issues of interest to the community in a global cinematic style, which resulted in allowing the students to participate in several local and international festivals.

He also praised the students’ achievements, indicating that the competition is in high standards where students had to compete with professional filmmakers.

It is worthy to mention, that two other short films reached the finalists which are The Fall, directed by Dania al Jazi, Layan Nairoukh and Hamzeh Zaabalawi, and Internal Bleeding, directed by Ghaith Al Adwan.

In November, the winning film will be presented to the European audience in the Franco Arab Film Festival.

Making of Laith .mp4 

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