Out of 200 submissions from all over the world, Rama Al Mulqi, a Master graduate in Spatial Planning, and Razan Tuama a Master student in Architectural Conservation- the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE), at the German Jordanian University (GJU), were selected among the top five winning projects of the public vote for Tamayouz Design Challenge 2020 - Design your Ideal Lockdown Space.

“The challenge had a seven-day submission period, which was held between 4 and 11 May. The only criteria given to designers was that their spaces needed to measure 25 square meters and meet the regulations of lockdown”.

“The challenge aimed to provide an enjoyable exercise for the architectural community during the lockdown, while also sparking conversation about the importance of well-designed spaces that meet the physical and emotional needs of living in lockdown”.

Rama and Razan submitted their project “Designing Self-isolation Space as Response to Covid-19”. The concept, as described by the designers is based on distancing definition, where spaces within the single dwelling were separated from each other as our relationships. This design ensures person safety in pandemic situations.

The design relied on using the existing housing with some modifications that could be applicable, such as separating spaces and changing the cladding into easy to clean materials that limit the life cycle of viruses.This has led to effective, applicable, and suitable functions to improve public safety.

The design study a 25 square meters (4 m * 6.25 m) studio that depends on light colors, smooth materials, natural lighting, and ventilation, with adding some greenery.