Amman- 8 December 2020

On November 24th 2020, GJU's first virtual career fair “Talent Job Call” took place in cooperation with Berlin Partner, GJU’s Office for Industrial Links and the GJU Project Office in Magdeburg.

The online format was aimed at GJU students and alumni of the GJU to introduce job and internship opportunities in Berlin.

For the event, GJU and Berlin Partner invited companies and organizations to give short presentations of max. 5 minutes presenting their company profiles and vacancies. Berlin Partner introduced its services for job seekers in Berlin.

This was followed by a moderated question and answer session in which participants questioned the company representatives about their company for 15 minutes.

Among the participating companies, Deutsche Bahn, Jasper Architects and and Moberries (representing the start-up scene) were present. Thus, many majors offered by GJU were covered.

The exchange between the companies and students was of great value for both sides and especially regarding application processes. Many questions from students were answered. One critical point often repeated was that motivation and unique selling points are important characteristics that should be highlighted in the course of the application.

Furthermore, all present companies were able to specify their requirements for potential employees and interns and thus convey a clear picture to the students of what needs to be considered when applying.

Another important point was the explanation of the visa regulations by Berlin Partner. Since this topic often causes misunderstandings, this was a good opportunity to clarify issues from students.

All in all, the GJU and the GJU project office are pleased to have carried out such a successful event and would like to thank all students and alumni, the companies and Berlin Partner for participating!