Amman-6 February 2018

On Tuesday 30th of January 2018, Consultation and Training Center (CTC) and the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities (SBSH) at German Jordanian University (GJU), celebrated the graduation of English and German courses for employees.

The President of GJU, Prof. Manar Fayyad, praised the support of CTC and SBSH in providing courses that increase the employees’ skills and competencies professionally and personally.

She also thanked the employees for their commitment and continuous desire to develop and progress.

Director of CTC, Dr. Abdallah Abdallah said that the center persists to provide courses that contribute to the development of staff’s skills and capabilities, stressing that the GJU is committed with continuity of courses and is ready to develop new ones where necessary.

Employee Rawan Mazahreh expressed her gratitude for providing the staff with facilities to complete the courses, indicating the learning outcomes they earned in raising their language proficiency, enhancing their self-confidence and refining their personalities.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Fayyad handed the certificates to the graduates.