Amman- July 10, 2017  


Under the patronage of Prof. Dorit Schumann, the GJU Vice President for Intentional Affairs, the university celebrated the graduation ceremony for the second batch of the Professional Diploma of Social Work: “Migration and Refugees” which was organized by the Social Work Department at the School of Applied Humanities and Languages and the Consultation and Training Center at GJU.

Prof. Dorit Schumann thanked the university and the Social work Department for their continuous effort, support and dedication to deliver such a great work. 

She emphasized that GJU is very proud to have two batches of social work; a graduates young professionals, who got the knowledge and skills in addition to the field expertise throughout this professional diploma.  

She finally congratulated the students , wishing them a bright future and more success in their filed.

Dr. Sahar Makhamreh, the head of Social work Department thanked the GJU and all colleagues for their support. Pointing out to the different challenges, they faced during the period of this course; as she assured that without the positive spirit of the team nothing could be achieved.

Ms. Luma Barakat, one of the graduates spoke on behalf of her colleagues, expressing her delight to study  this diploma, where she met and worked with students from different countries and backgrounds , and how they all together during their study  program , practitioners , professionals and  field  training  became  much more aware  about the refugee crisis and significant role that Jordan is playing with refugees  in securing  their worth and dignity.

At the end of the ceremony, a short videos were displayed to present the student’s activities during the term, after that Prof. Schumann handed out the certificates to the graduates.

As the Professional Diploma “Migration and Refugees” based on diversity,  gathering different backgrounds and targeting  international students and  also Jordanian graduates from social sciences as well, the second batch came from different countries , such as the USA , Germany , Sudan , Iraq , Syria and Jordan as well.