Amman- 3 May 2018

On Thursday 19th of April 2018, under the patronage of the President of German Jordanian University (GJU), Prof. Manar Fayyad, Ebtikar Association Innovation for Creativity Development held a graduation ceremony for participants in the Electronics and Arduino training course, in presence of its director Mrs. Suraya Ayyad and trainer Eng. Khaled Al-Shahham.

The course targets participants with passion for science and electronic scientific innovation. It brought together teachers and students from universities and schools, where this diversity enriched the course in a unique way, especially on the quality of the participants' learning.

Arduino is a large open source project aimed at providing free software and interactive open source development board used to build intelligent electronic circuits and can interact with humans easily. This board consists of an electronic circuit containing a programmable microcontroller via the Arduino program IDE that can be downloaded free for all operating systems.

The Association offers several training programs in cooperation with Consultations and Training Center (CTC) at the university, aim to nurture youth towards creativity and excellence and to establish the principles of learning based on projects and applied scientific productivity.

Programs and training courses include Electronics for beginners and advanced levels, Professional Diploma in Electronics, Training of Trainers Diploma, and Professional Diploma in Teaching Science.

At the end of the ceremony, graduates received the graduation certificates and presented their projects.