The Consultation and Training Center (CTC) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) graduated the seventh batch of its first online course, the Certified Human Resources Consultant (CHRC). The course issued by GJU and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan.
Within (40) training hours the course provided the trainees with the latest concepts and practical applications in the field of human resources management that enable them to perform their jobs at a high level of professionalism, it also provided consultations to direct their institutions and assist in handling problems.
The program touched on the Jordanian labor law, the social security law in light of defense orders, and the requirements of the current stage.
The President of GJU, Prof. Manar Fayyad, participated in the session held by the CTC’s Council in March to discuss alternative solutions if the social distancing was applied in Jordan. The proposed solutions by the CTC Director, Dr. Omar Shubailat to adopt an interactive training platform remotely and certified electronic certificates were approved.
Shubailat indicated that this achievement embodies the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II of continuous production to serve the country and continue the development process in all circumstances. 
For his part, the course instructor, Dr. Muhammad Ta`mneh, stated that  Jordan's people could move forward, achieve accomplishments, and serve the nation in all locations and at all times.
The Consultation and Training Center at the German Jordanian University is located in the King Hussein Business Park, provides professional training and consulting services to individuals and institutions. The Center adopts the latest scientific, practical methods and applications, also, its operations are managed by a professional team of specialists.