Amman 8 June, 2015 


Under the Patronage of H. E. Mr. Taher Shakhshier, Minister of Environment, the German Jordanian University inaugurated the Solar Cooling Plant Project on Monday, 8 June 2015.    


H.E Mr. Shakhshier emphasized that the solar cooling project has been launched by the Ministry of Environment in the mid of 2012, funded by the German government, implemented through the Ministry and the GIZ, and finally installed at GJU.


“These experimental projects conducted for the first time in the region, representing a scientific start through the Jordanian universities, experts and researchers “the minister stated.


He highlighted the outputs of this project that aim to enhance the partnership between the private and the public sectors. He also extended his gratitude to German government and the GIZ for supporting and funding the project.   


The GJU President Prof. Natheer Abu Obeid underlined that the inauguration of this project comes as a part of the GJU 10th anniversary celebrations; and it reflects the university’s vision in providing a platform for research and development for the GJU researchers and students.


The president clarified that the project is aligned with Jordan’s low carbon efforts and strategies, including the new Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law.


It is worthy to mention that with this cooperation, GJU can make use of the excess heat the solar field is providing especially in summer time, when heating is less needed, but cooling is a must.