Amman- September 1, 2016


The Office for Industrial inks  at German Jordanian university (GJU)  organized  an Industry University workshop in order to search more possibilities of setting up  dual study programs at GJU through the support of a number of Jordanian firms and companies.                  

The workshop that gathered together representatives from a wide range of companies and academics from GJUs different schools; discussed the possible fields to establish a number of dual study programs at GJU.

Professor Natheer Abu Obeid, the GJU President, pointed out to the important role of universities and the whole academic sector in supporting the economic and social development as well as its various contributions to the knowledge society. 

He also highlighted the applied educational system that GJU is pursuing along the lines of the German universities, and that GJU is not only bridging cultures between Germany and the Arab World but it also bridging between Industry and Education, saying that the GJU Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GJU PIE) which is creating industry-university links (locally and globally) is a good example of that.

For his part Eng. Omar Maani emphasized that the of establishing dual study programs has surely a global interest that enables the students to gain a professional work experience during their studies.

Mr. Randolph Galla, Dual Studies Advisor at GJU gave a detailed presentation about the general idea behind "Dual Studies", the benefits of establishing dual study programs , as well as discussing steps towards implementation.

It is worthy to mention that these dual study programs will be the first of their kind in Jordan and are intended to even better fulfill the demand of industries for practically trained graduates who conducted a large part of their studies in the companies.