On Sunday 17th and Monday 18th of December 2017, the German Language Center (GLC) and the School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL) organized the first network meeting for “German as a Foreign Language/Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF)” with great success. 

The kick-off meeting was hosted by the network heads Prof. Karin Kleppin (Ruhr Universitaet Bochum) and Dr. Dorothea Jecht (GLC, GJU) inviting ten high-ranking German professors and experts under the patronage of Dr. Jaime Sperberg, cultural attache of the German Embassy and Gabriele von Fircks, head of the DAAD office in Amman.

During the network meeting that was attended by professors for German studies, heads of language centers and the director of the TestDaF institute Dr. Achim Althaus, the participants were given presentations on GJU, the German Language Center and the Master DaF study program at GJU.

The network members jointly worked out fields of cooperation in terms of further developing and strengthening the German language competence and teaching methods at GJU.

The workshop was followed by the “8th German teacher day” at the Modern Language Center Amman, organized jointly by Goethe Institut and GJU, where the experts from Germany also participated.

The experts represented the IIK Düsseldorf, University Marburg, the University Bochum, the University of Education Freiburg, the University Bremen, the Technical University of Applied Sciences Cologne, the University Kassel and the University Goettingen.

The meeting proved to be an important milestone for a fruitful future exchange with the German partners and for strengthening the German-Jordanian collaboration in language teaching and research.