The closure of the DESIRE project started on Tuesday in Amman at the German Jordanian University’s (GJU) main campus with multiple session on the know-how transfer where the European Union (EU) partners reviewed the modules and their content with the intent to show the audience, mostly instructors from beneficiary MENA region countries, the structure and syllabus of each module.

The participating EU partners came from University of Cyprus (UCY) and the Technical University of Dresden (TUD). The MENA region was represented by members from the host university, GJU, along with representatives from the University of Jordan (UJ), Damascus University (DU), and Tishreen University (TU).

Dr. George Konstantinou (UCY) reviewed the Job Creation and the Integration and System Aspects of Renewable Energy modules. Philipp Hauser (TUD) reviewed Economics of Renewable Energy Systems and Technological Innovation of Renewable Energy Systems modules. The Health, Well-being, and Environmental Quality and the Climate Effects, Environmental Management, and Sustainable Development modules were reviewed by Professor Moussa Al Samara (TU).