The Consultation and Training Center organized a lecture on the importance of the Arabic language in western communities. The lecture was part of the activities arranged by the university for the German students who are enrolled in the Arabic Language and Culture Program for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The lecture delivered by Dr. Ziad Abu Laban, consultant at the Ministry of Culture, aimed at introducing the German students to the culture of Jordan to orient them so that they can easily blend in society.  In addition, Dr. Abu Laban presented critical issues related to the Arabic language linguistics to enhance the students'  Knowledge in this field.

Dr. Thelal Oweis , program coordinator, highlighted the importance of introducing such programs in the Arab World as there has been a worldwide demand for learning Arabic as a foreign language .  " nearly a 100 German students have graduated from the Arabic Language and Culture Program since 2014", Dr. Oweis.  She further explained that the program is divided into two parts;  theoretical and practical . The earlier comprises advanced/intensive Arabic language lectures,  while the latter involves weekly field trips and workshops where students can apply what they learn all through each week.

A number of nineteen German students from 11 different German universities are enrolled in the program this year.