Amman- 18 April , 2017

On April 12th 2017, The school of Applied Technical Sciences invited the Director of the Institute of Microstructure Technology at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Prof. Jan Korvink, to present a lecture on "The Prospect of Magnetic Resonance Microscopy to Determine Metabolomics Rates in Vivo” for GJU students

He presented recent research contributions of his research group, where he focused on his research on the development of ultra-low cost micro manufacturing methods, microsystem applications in the area of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, as well as the design and simulation of micro and Nano systems.

On another hand, Prof. Korvink met with the Dean of SATS, Dr. Alaaldean Al-Halhouli, together with Other professors and researchers from SATS, and other GJU schools to discuss research collaboration opportunities between GJU and KIT in the area of microsystem.

The seminar was attended by many GJU faculty members and students and was followed with an informative Q&A session.