Amman- 7 April 2019

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at the German Jordanian University in cooperation with the Jordanian Nursing Council hosted a  medical workshop entitled "Simulation Education" on Monday 18/03/2019 with more than 30 participants from the nursing academics from the Jordanian universities, Jordanian hospital staff and other health professionals involved in the field.

The training and simulation was under the supervision of Dr. Carlos Chidiac and coordinated by the nurse Aisha Damrah of the Jordanian Nursing Council, Dr. Musa Al-Hawwari the agent of the human body simulator at the University, and Dr. Walid Al- Zyoud the Head of Biomedical Engineering Department -Vice Dean of the School of Applied Medical Sciences and Eng. Wead Alsawaeer.

The workshop started with a welcoming speech by Dr. Walid Al-Zyoud, where he welcomed the participants at the German Jordainain University.

He stressed the importance of continuous cooperation between universities and non-profit governmental institutions as well as private sector institutions to develop medical education by simulation. In her turn, Nurse Aisha Damrah from the Jordan Nursing Council thanked GJU for hosting the workshop as it has a role in the development of continuous medical and nursing education, especially through simulations.

The workshop was launched by a presentation by Dr. Carlos Chidiac on the importance of medical education through simulation. He also presented the experiences of Western countries in this field in addition to the simulation medical scenarios that serve medical students, nursing students and biomedical engineering students.

The Jordanian Nursing Council is a non-profit governmental organization that regulates the profession of nursing and midwifery in the Kingdom and the development of its employees.

It is accredited by the American Nursing Center for Accreditation and Certification (ANCC) to provide continuous nursing education.