Dear Students and GJU Staff, I extend my greetings with love and appreciation to each of you. Today we stand with our homeland and our army with one heart and a solid line to confront the spread of the corona virus on the land of our beloved kingdom.

I send my appreciation and pride to our King, our country's leaders, and all institutions working in the fields. Their great efforts to protect us and preserve the security of Jordan and the safety of the citizens are deeply appreciated.

In line with the current situation, I urge each one of you to stay at home and follow the instructions and measures announced by the armed forces to strengthen our forces' duties and performance.

Dear students, communicate with your professors, heads of the departments, and deans of schools to maintain the progress of the teaching process through e-learning and distance education.

We are pleased that a large number of subjects have already been completed; this is a proof of your patriotism, your concern, and your teachers ’keenness to defy the challenge with knowledge and technology to serve the educational process. Our success depends on your awareness, commitment, and love for your university and country.

Our students in Germany, I hope that you will abide by the procedures announced by the German authorities. Do not hesitate to communicate with the university on the numbers that were previously stated in any matter.

Dear students, thanks to God! we have been able since the beginning of the crisis, to form working cells to deal with the new situation. The Information System and Technology Center, led by its director Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, the Head of the e-learning committee, Dr. Mohammad Al-Daoud, and faculty members have been able last week to create a page on GJU's official website entitled E-learning to be a guide for everyone, to facilitate the teaching process during this hard time. I urge you to check and utilize the rich content of the page.

May God preserve our country, our King, the sons of our Arabic Army, and the Jordanian family.

By God willing, we will together overcome this crisis.

GJU's President

Prof. Manar Fayyad